Pentax 645D

Pentax 645D with 35mm F3.5 and GPS-module attached

I have 3 years of experience using this photographic tool. In short: this is great medium format camera with awesome price.


huge sensor size, comparing to 35mm cameras (but still a crop-camera in terms of 645 film)
killer resolution 40 Mpix (resolution is a little bit better than in newest Nikon D800E)
very affordable camera for medium format segment (under 8000$). Pentax 645D retire Leica S2 at least in terms of price (more than double price over Pentax). Considering the fact that these cameras share almost the same sensor. No comments.
rock-solid body with weather-sealing
superb ergonomics. I can assure you as a former Nikon-fanatic. And Nikon always produces top-notch cameras in terms of convenience
not so big weight, if we compare it with Nikon D3x, for instance
awesome viewfinder
great park of optics from film-age.As for me, i use Pentax 645 A 35mm F3.5 with manual focus for landscapes, Pentax 645 FA 150mm F2.8 with autofocus for portraits, Pentax 645 FA 45-85mm F4.5 for general photographic. For special purposes i am using Zodiak-8 30mm F3.5 Russian fisheye lens


There is no substantial flaws in camera design. But here is some notes:
no live view option (but great viewfinder, as i said higher)
dynamic range is a little bit worse comparing to Nikon D800 (but this is not a problem, we can take 2-3 shots with different EVs and than combine them in Photoshop)


Range of tasks that can handle this camera is quite awesome: commercial, studio, portrait, landscape and a little bit street photography. Contraindications - sports, low light photography.

For those who are interested, quite crazy and alogical comparison of Pentax 645D & Canon 5D Mk II (in Russian language).

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