Sigma DP1s

Sigma cameras always stand aside from generic devices of Nikon and Canon. This one is not an a exclusion.


innovative Foveon X3 sensor technology (3 color sensors: red, green, blue)
+ huge sensor for such compact body
+ superb color rendering (similar to photographic film)
+ even with 4 Mpix resolution  this baby compete with  12-16 Mpix mirrorless cameras, thanks to Foveon technology, that is more effective in this case than standard Bayer sensor
+ clean captures at ISO 50 and ISO 100 (entry dslr level)
+ great ergonomics
+ awesome fixed lens


- slow auto-focus (no sport, no children, no action)
- slow writes to SD card (but you can minimize this effect by using fast Sandisk Extreme SD card)
- occasional problems with color when taking pictures under artificial light 
obsolete video mode
- reflecting screen
- relatively cheap build

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